What’s our story?

At Blacklab Entertainment, finding an audience is as important as the core idea. Blacklab Entertainment marks a shift from ‘the idea that has to be made’ to ‘an idea that people want to watch.’ Blacklab Entertainment is a collection of creative individuals that work underneath a corporate structure. Blacklab entertainment is a conscious move away from a
fee-based production entity to a fully integrated, development, production company.

A well as internal project development and production, we are a gateway for creative writers and producers to execute their projects and benefit from economies of scale, a creative hub, increased resources, infrastructure, well established networks and relationships, knowledge and experience.

Blacklab Entertainment looks to attract interstate and international long form production facilitation projects with an aim is to develop and produce international exploitable assets and to control their ownership and distribution.

What is the Blacklab Group?

We’re made up of three successful production arms, Blacklab Digital, Blacklab International and Blacklab Entertainment and we’re all about storytelling. We communicate ideas that sell, inspire, inform, influence and of course, entertain. We tell stories across every level of production, from clever corporates and arresting digital and social media campaigns from Blacklab Digital, high end TV commercials from Blacklab International and TV shows and highly successful feature films from Blacklab Entertainment. Find out more…

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